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"I'd like to thank the person responsible for inviting Gary to speak at our company today. And, I want you to  make sure that you are responsible for inviting him back! And ... when you do, I absolutely want you to make sure that I'm in town to hear him! Gary's message today was wonderful. It was both powerful and eloquent. His words were motivational ... but more importantly ... they were inspirational!"

--Zig Ziglar, Ziglar Training Systems
“Gary Eby is a renaissance man! He's a Motivator, Trainer, Minister, Author, Songwriter, Video Producer, and more. And, the amazing thing is, that he not only pursues, but achieves excellence in all of them! In fact, our college, Destiny College International, offers some of Gary's materials as part of our curriculum. Love his teachings, his books … and the man!”

-Dr. Keith Johnson America's #1 Confidence Coach

"I have the opportunity to work with some of the great speakers out there... Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley, Chris Widener, and now Gary Eby. Gary's full of vision, integrity ... and he's diligent about what he does ... he makes a connection with the audience and he'll make a difference for you."

--Kyle Wilson, President, Jim Rohn International

Gary has spoken at several of our conventions and absolutely rocked the house. As a speaker, Gary is one of the “best of the best”. One moment the audience will be laughing hysterically and the next he will have people almost in tears. This is not a speaker who will have people will drift away from his message. He keeps people entertained, engaged and educated all at the same time.”

--Mike Stalling Board of Directors, Coastal Vacations

 “I wanted to do something to encourage and challenge our leaders as we move to the next level so I asked Gary to come in to do a leadership workshop for about 80 of my leaders. With his perfect blend of humor and truth, he was able to stir the flame in the new leaders and rekindle the flame in those who have been at it a long time. He was able to stay over and minister to the whole congregation on Sunday morning... we had a tremendous weekend.”

--Mark Walker Senior Pastor, Elim Church

 Gary Eby is a powerful speaker.  He moved me when he said, "You can't have a testimony without a test".  That is so true.  As a sportscaster I see this all the time with young coaches and players.  Even veterans have to deal with tests. I saw Gary Eby speak last year and I bought his CD program Power Principles for Peak Performance.  They are must haves for me.  They get me motivated for work.

--Newy Scruggs, Sportscaster, NBC Universal / KXAS

"I've met Presidents, Senators, millionaires and thousands of people to whom I speak every year. But seldom have I met a person like Gary Eby. Gary's quiet wit explodes whether on stage or on the page. His famous "Ebyisms" make you think and his passion to change lives is contagious. When I listen to Gary teach, I've always got my Ipaq ready because I know I'll be collecting dozens of nuggets. His strength lies in his ability to effectively communicate life-challenging truths."

--Harold Herring, President, Debt Free Army

 Gary Eby is Refreshing, Insightful, and Entertaining...  His trainings are full of Passion, Energy, and Excitement! If you're the type of person who wants to be told how it is ... then Gary is for you!

Jerry "DRhino" Clark

Having worked with some of the greatest speakers in the industry, I can say with no reservations that Gary is one of the most impactful speakers I've ever heard. If you need a speaker to light an inspirational fire in the room that will burn in the minds of your audience long after the event is finished – Gary is your man!

--Matt Morris, Author, The Unemployed Millionaire
“After reading “Lefthanded Soldier” I invited Gary to speak at our annual Pastors, Missionaries Convocation. Several hundred ministers attend this meeting each year from all over the world. Gary’s message was a blessing to those who attended. He has a special anointing to encourage God’s ministers; especially those who may have gotten discouraged and felt like quitting.”

--Ron Nissen Pastor Emeritus, Elim Church, Houston, Texas

“I've traveled and spoken all over the world and shared the platform with some of the greatest speakers alive. I know what is real and what is “platform talk.” Gary Eby's message is REAL! He's REAL! He touches people and changes lives. Gary's incredible ability to bring laughter while challenging the heart and soul simultaneously puts him in a league of his own. Inspiration at it's finest!”

--Johnny Wimbrey Speaker, Celebrity Coach, Trainer, Best-Selling Author, TV Personality

 "Recently, Gary was the Keynote Speaker at our companies National Convention in Nashville. He received a huge standing ovation! About 600 people "blew the roof off!" The amazing thing is that when we asked Gary to stay over and speak at an non-denominational church service the next morning, almost 500 people came back on an early Sunday morning to hear Gary again. The response was overwhelming."

--Lowell Mims, President, ProvisionRX/Minister

"Last year we had an awesome meeting in Florence, South Carolina at the Civic Center. We had great athletes speaking there like Brian Holloway Rayfield Wright and William 'Refrigerator' Perry. They had the Super Bowl rings ... but Gary Eby had the crowd!"

--Evelyn Hobson, Network Marketing Consultant

"Gary has spoken for us at several National Conventions both in the United States and Japan. Even with a translator his humor and joy came through. Gary is rare in that he has both "passion" and "com-passion." He really cares about the little guy!"

--Rick Bailey, CEO, The Right Solution

 "Gary has an almost uncanny ability to motivate, inspire, and lead you and your team to greater levels of performance and endurance, while simultaneously keeping them on the edge of their seat."

--Rick & Michelle Teague Elite with Modere

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