How many great leaders are no longer leading? What will our society suffer because the leadership we need is somewhere hurting rather than rallying the troops?  What great sickness is raging because the doctors and nurses who can make a difference are needing healing themselves?  How many great sermons will not be preached because an overworked and underpaid Pastor had a "humpty-dumpty" fall and is allowing condemnation to keep him out of service?  Great public servants, teachers, volunteers, entrepreneurs, and politicians, all over the world are waiting ... waiting for someone to care enough to put their arms around them and say, "Let's get back into the battle of life again! We need you!"
Lefthanded Soldiers Book
Frustration Elimination 1 CD
To some people frustration is a way of life. They believe that it just "comes with the territory!" WRONG! Frustration Elimination" dispels that theory. It exposes Satan for what he is ... a frustrated loser whose only goal is to frustrate believers. Unfortunately ... sometimes ... he does a pretty good job.  But, thank God, through Jesus Christ we can turn things around!  We, as believers, can participate in "Frustration Elimination!"  We do not frustrate the grace of God!  
There are few things in life that move me like seeing someone overcome adversity. It reaches a part of me that nothing else can. When I finally realized that ... it gave me a clue to my life assignment. Without sounding arrogant, I believe that I've been called, gifted and equipped to reach out to anyone who has been wounded and bring them a message of renewal.  I believe that there are great men and women from all walks of life, who, because of some "event" or series of events, have pretty much given up. They have allowed their circumstances to condemn them to a life of "what-ifs." Somewhere between brokenness and bitterness they have laid down their proverbial swords and surrendered.  I just cannot sit idly by and let that happen!
Lefthanded Soldiers Audio Book
Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside! Are you willing to change? These devotions will motivate, inspire and transform your life. They can help take you from where your are to where you want to be!
Motivation Congregation: Daily Devotion Book
I've always heard that "facts tell... but stories sell!"  It's a proven fact that people "remember" stories.  Oatmeal, Football and the Disneyland Hotel is a series of stories woven together  that will stir your faith and bless your heart!  Young and old alike will stroll with Gary down memory lane to simpler times ... where some of the greatest lessons of our life were learned.  whether we knew it or not ...God was teaching us all the time!
Oatmeal, Football and the Disneyland Hotel 1 CD
Just imagine ... you're driving down the highway ... you flip on the radio ... and you hear a song that you wrote being performed by a famous recording artist on the radio.
Or, imagine this ... you're surfing all 227 Satellite channels ... and suddenly you hear a familiar song ... You scream!!! They're singing a song YOU wrote! (The first time that happened to me, I cried!) As a songwriter you are thrilled to emotionally touch people ... to stir them, motivate them, and enrich their lives! Just imagine ... Doing what you love ... writing powerful songs that will help people breakthrough from despair to destiny! 
Songwriting .. From Concept to Completion Book
What do Adam, Moses, David, Uzza, and Jesus all have in common? What does that have to do with you receiving your covenant rights? Are you getting what your deserve? Do you REALLY want what you REALLY deserve? These questions and more are all answered in this CD that was recorded live! Take a giant leap forward in learning how to rightly divide the Word.
Are Your Getting What You Deserve? 1 CD

Addition Business Products

Power Principles For Peak Performance   6 CDs
My 30 years of speaking have taught me that time is important. So, I've invested over 3000 hours of my life to study and assemble complete trainings for people who understand the value of time ... and the value of instruction! So, I developed 30 one hour strategies and skill sessions. A lifetime of accumulated knowledge.
These one hour messages have been condensed into 30 sessions that are about 10-12 minutes each. These are compressed in time ... but not in powerful content! They will unlock your hidden power to succeed. Only the best of the best made the cut! Hundreds of practical illustrations and stories that will make you want to listen over and over again! In 30 days ... you can change your future! If you want "Peak Performance" in every area of your life ... then these 30 Power Principles are a must have. We understand you're busy! At this length you can listen to them over and over again and literally reprogram your mind with success strategies!
How To Win   1 DVD
Winning is not an event. Winning is a way of life. It's a lifestyle! Society teaches us to lose. And sometimes we even see ourselves as losers! But I believe you can be a winner! I want to teach you to change the way you think. Think like a winner! Change the way you talk! Talk like a winner! Change the way you believe. Believe like a winner! In this video you'll learn how to win! You'll learn how to overcome adversity. You'll learn to have a winning attitude. You'll learn how to take the actions necessary to finish the journey. While watching this presentation you'll laugh ... you'll cry ... and you'll be reminded of great truths you may have left behind. I want you to win ... and win big!
Charting Your Course By The
Dream in Your Heart    1 CD
People often wonder about the future. What will it hold? Can we do anything about it? Is our destiny a random victim of the circumstances we encounter ... or, can we begin today to set in motion a series of events will cause our future to align with our dreams? You may be surprised at the answers!

The Nuts & Bolts of Direct Sales,

Network Marketing and MLM 

4 DVD's 4 CD's

Over the years I’ve invested tons of money into trainings that were supposed to give me the “nuts and bolts” on building my business. I had questions ... like ... How do I prospect? What do I say ... exactly?  How do I get people to a meeting? What do I say to a “first contact”? What are the “best of the best” one liners? What do I say when my mind goes totally blank? How do I initiate enthusiasm? How do I answer objections? HELP!!!


The truth is ... I was ALWAYS disappointed with my purchase. The content was mostly filler. So I interviewed, aggravated, and pushed as hard as I could to get the best trainers in the industry to teach me. Then I “Ebyized” it ... made it understandable ... and held a small group training with some industry leaders and video taped it all. This training is now available ... and I’ve included an audio CD copy of each video so you can also attend “automobile university!” Finally ... the real “Nuts and Bolts of Direct Sales, Network Marketing and MLM!


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